Welcome to Elioplus, we are really excited to share our story with you, our next steps and of course our experience working here in Orange Grove!

First of all we would like to introduce ourselves. We are a team of four, passionate about our project and always available to help other startups here in Orange Grove when they face a problem.

Ilias and Christos are responsible for the business operation of Elioplus and especially Ilias runs the business development part and Christos is responsible for the marketing. Both have studies in Economics and background in IT industry. Vangelis and Dimitris are our two developers, they have built Elioplus from scratch and both have studies in Information Technology in University of Piraeus.

The idea of Elioplus took place when Ilias and Christos, owners of a web agency wanted to resell new innovative software and SaaS solutions in the greek market. But all this process of finding the right Vendor to collaborate with was taking too much time and the majority of the times this potential collaborations failed. Why they failed? Because, the partnership terms that the Vendor was offering on his partner program didn’t match with our needs as Resellers. After this situation and lot of time spent for research in our industry, talks with experts and presence in channel industry events we started creating Elioplus.

Few words about Elioplus:

Elioplus, is a B2B business development platform that matches software, SaaS and cloud Vendors and Resellers in order to penetrate into new markets. Also, Vendors can manage resellers that have in their channel network through Elioplus.

elioplus home page

Vendors and Resellers can create for free a profile of their company, find great partnership opportunities by using our advanced search filters and most importantly take advantage of our matching function. The matching function takes into consideration 15 partnership criteria that Vendors are offering on their partner program and are selecting on their free registration process. On the other hand, Resellers are selecting from the same criteria those that they would like to be offered from the Vendor. So, with just a simple of clicks we are matching Vendors and Resellers and we are providing these matches right into their dashboards.



Also, in the following 3 months we will be able to launch our management tool that will include:

Team: All our users will be able to invite their team members (Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Channel managers) and have access to their company’s account on Elioplus.

-Pipeline: Like a CRM’s pipeline inside Elioplus

-Collaboration tool: through this tool Vendors will communicate very easily with their resellers, invite them with a simple click on Elioplus, send them products updates and marketing material.


– Channel Analytics: Vendors will have real time data report from their resellers helping them perform better

So, companies will use Elioplus in order to recruit new channel partners and also manage them inside our platform in an affordable price.

Every SaaS startup and software company that is looking for resellers can join Elioplus, create a profile of their company and test our platform. For this reason we are offering a 14-day free trial with certain number of reseller matches for you.

Sign up free and start your trial here:

If you have any questions about Elioplus and your 14-day free trial please give us a call or send us an email using the following contact details.

Christos Mantzikos

CMO at Elioplus

Few words about Orange Grove:

Orange Grove is the place that every startup here in Athens should join. They are helpful to all the startups by having a strong network of mentors, connections and they host interesting workshops. The working space is very clean and provides everything a company needs. Through this post we would like to say a big thanks to all the startups that were here before us and had created a great working environment when we joined the beautiful family of OG.