athens fashion club

In Greece, Athensfashionclub is the only fashion business located in the center of Athens that combines Innovation, Education and Design and acts both as Fashion School and Design Studio. AFC creates ‘Wearable Fashion’ incorporating organic electronics to the garments in order to make them, functional. The company works in a very specific field, «Fashionable Technology», following the international trends. As a pioneer in the field “Fashionable Technology”, the AthensFashionClub achieved the coexistence of nanotechnology by combining innovation and elegance. The role of the fashion designer has changed. Nowadays, the designer must be able to adapt to new conditions and replace the classical materials with innovative materials, such as printed organic electronics.

Athens Fashion Club participated in the Startup bootcamp HighTechXL, in the competition Future Scope with their pitch, in the Overview of Entrepreneurship 2013 as well as in the Femmina Fashion Show 2013 where it presented its innovative clothing line. AthensFashionClub has been featured in 14 articles, 2 of which in the Dutch press. Also, it has been featured on Star Television Network.

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