Bloode is an online service that aims to meet the need for blood, by increasing the proportion of blood donors and organizing the blood donation system in Greece. More than 700,000 blood units are being sought annually in Greece, of which volunteer blood donors cover only 35%, while the percentage covered by the Swiss Red Cross is expected to drop. Bloode exploits the potential of technology and the internet, trying to motivate people in order to become blood donors. This is achieved by:

  • The promotion of the need for blood and especially the creation of calls from those in need of transfusion.
  • Moral and material rewards by the creation of a “points system” and the exploitation of gamification techniques.
  • The creation of an active community of volunteers with social action patterns in the functioning of social media.
  • Educational programs in order to cultivate a volunteering spirit and raise social awareness among young people and adults.

These functions are covered by the operations of the web page and the application for smart phones. Bloode ensures its viability through its establishment as a Social Enterprise. Bloode‘s main source of income derives from the sale of specially designed bracelets with the indication of important medical information of the owners, like the blood type. It is estimated that the initial capital sought is 50.000 €. In the second year of operation, Blood-e presents a profit of 21.000 €.

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