Every published writer and book publisher wants to communicate and interact with their readers. Until now this only happens through blogging and social media, a one-size-fits- all, non-personalized means of communication.What if book writers and publishers were able to interact directly and in a targeted way with the readers of their books to keep their books alive and promote future work? What if every physical book carried everything that concerns it? The booksecrets platform allows authors and publishers, via an easy to use web-based interface, to add exclusive and relevant content to their books, such as videos, narrations, “secret” offers, events or happenings, supplementary text content, mobile applications and who knows what else. Users enter the booksecrets world by downloading the free application; they can then create their personal virtual library. When a “secret” becomes available, book readers are notified through the booksecrets application to receive, free of charge, exclusive content or offers directly from the authors and publishers.