brace social coop

Brace Social Coop is a newly established Social Corporate Enterprise that offers training and counselling. It was founded in March 2014 during an attempt to enrich the scientific tools that education and mental health professionals have, in order to cope with the difficulties of the families and children in need (developmental dysfunctions, mental disabilities, depression, dementia, poverty, social exclusion, etc. ). Professionals gain profound knowledge and the skills to become “Agents of Change” of their own lives, support families and help them activate their own internal forces. The tools of Brace are its training programs: Marte Meo, Aflatoun, Nourishing the child’s Mind, Supporting the Teenager‘s Mind, Parents School Stand by me. Brace is constantly working on the development of new programs in order to meet the diverse needs of society. The programs are cost effective and adjust to all different types of organizations and institutions, fields and social conditions. They all focus on the development of the internal forces of adults and children, so as to be able and willing to convert their weaknesses into lifetime opportunities.