Business Incubation

Orange Grove members have access to low cost flexible office space that can easily be transformed into any required setting. Office amenities, such as fast and reliable internet access, printing services and meeting room access, but also kitchen use and coffee, tea, refreshments and Heineken beers are free of charge and included in the monthly contribution. One of the many reasons why Orange grove has such a warm and welcoming feeling starts from the actual space. Orange Grove is built around the principles of flexibility, connectivity and mobility and as a result, the tables, sofas, dividers, lockers and even the meeting rooms move on wheels. For this reason the space layout can be easily adjusted, not only to accommodate the many visitors and weekly events, but also to stimulate creativity and collaboration. Orange Grove offers 7 days per week secured access from 9am until mid-night on weekdays and from 9am until 8pm on the weekends.

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