Sway acts like a local and live feed for your location by showing posts from other users around. It allows anyone to connect, interact, express and share information with people nearby without having to know them.


StyleSonr aims to create the first fashion marketplace application in which mainly smaller retailers, such as stores, designers etc., would be able to easily sell their stock products or even their “one last piece” through the app. Imagine something like all those food delivery marketplaces but instead of all those filters,

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Our common belief, that the end-user happiness drives innovation, sparked RoundCell’s initiative. The core team members joined their accumulated experience in engineering and logistics, to reshape the parcel lockers into a service provider around the corner. Our Pickup Station helps carriers, who want to offer alternative delivery options, by reducing delivery

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The name is inspired from the Greek Mythology where the god Ypnos and his wife had 4 children called όνειροι (= dreams). The aim is to provide an innovative product that reinvents the baby’s sleep procedure. The pioneering mechanism ensures smooth swinging of the bed and the automation aids the parent.

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Mitos is an online application through which users are able to import whatever image they desire as the background of a QR (Quick Respond) code. Moreover, the image can be polychromatic, unlike the classic black-and-white QR codes. The application improves the aesthetic appeal of a QR code without sacrificing any of

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mermix is an innovative and disruptive service that will connect farmers and professional machinery contractors through a participatory online application in order to improve the efficiency of using machinery. mermix will allow farmers to access new “state of the art” machinery, as well as share and exploit their machinery, and professional

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Ideas in Action (IIA) is a company that specializes in developing digital assets to help people meet with new friends, and –why not- potential dates. IIA started operating in September 2014 and developed its first asset, which is an Android and IOS anonymous chat application. The application is currently available in

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JourneyPost is a virtual guide which helps tourists create the perfect schedule according to their preferences. This is accomplished by comparing their interests against Journeypost’s database in order to give them the best possible route and by having an expert from customer service available to help them make the best choice.

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