The name is inspired from the Greek Mythology where the god Ypnos and his wife had 4 children called όνειροι (= dreams). The aim is to provide an innovative product that reinvents the baby’s sleep procedure. The pioneering mechanism ensures smooth swinging of the bed and the automation aids the parent.

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Solumbro works on developing, producing and distributing smart outdoor umbrellas. Solumbro’s smart umbrellas are self-sustainable due to mounted solar panels that provide the umbrella with energy for automatic deployment based on weather conditions (strong winds), remote operation, lighting support, and charging mobile devices. Particular care is put on producing an ecofriendly,

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Geomiso is a startup company that consists of young, qualified and distinguished researchers and civil engineers. The common passion for programming and the shared dream of creating the first Greek isogeometric analysis software allowed the Geomiso team to conduct innovative research during the difficult financial and social crisis in Greece. This

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FEAC Engineering

FEAC Engineering is a powerful start-up engineering company specialized in Simulation Driven Product Development. FEAC’s top level and awarded services range from CAD drafting, advanced multi-physics Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). We aim to design optimization techniques and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM), by using state-of-the-art

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