StyleSonr aims to create the first fashion marketplace application in which mainly smaller retailers, such as stores, designers etc., would be able to easily sell their stock products or even their “one last piece” through the app. Imagine something like all those food delivery marketplaces but instead of all those filters,

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Herse - logo


HERSE is delivering wearable art, aiming at the satisfaction of sophisticated consumers around the world. Each HERSE artwork is an original vivid synthesis of elements drawn from masterpieces belonging to diverse artistic movements over the centuries. The artwork is imprinted using garments of high quality luxurious fabrics as a canvas. Every

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Adelsan Unique Shoes

Adel Sanoussi was born in Athens, Greece. He has been a creative designer for the past 7 years in Digital Marketing and he is a  two time winner of the Ermis Award. He is also a Filmmaker, Creative Director, VFX Designer and multi-disciplined artist. He founded “Pulse”, a theatrical troupe who explore

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liateR is an interactive sales solution for brands and retailers in the apparel and accessories market. liateR’s approach is based on advanced voice recognition, gesture detection, and augmented reality technologies to create an environment where consumers can digitally try on and buy clothing in a variety of contexts and locations. From

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In Greece, Athensfashionclub is the only fashion business located in the center of Athens that combines Innovation, Education and Design and acts both as Fashion School and Design Studio. AFC creates ‘Wearable Fashion’ incorporating organic electronics to the garments in order to make them, functional. The company works in

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