LearnWorlds is an e-learning start-up, located in Kavala, Greece, which is on its way to transforming self-paced learning. The team members of LearnWorlds wish to create the best “educational amplifier”, empowering trainers, educators and content authors to create unique, enjoyable and social learning experiences. The innovative LearnWorlds platform is a cloud-based,

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Glossopolis is an e-learning platform, providing Greek language courses for foreigners who want to visit Greece and communicate with the locals. It brings a new kind of tourism to the market; Linguistic Tourism. The student signs in to the platform and has access to the educational content. He also has

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“Sensoraide leverages Internet of Things Technologies for the agricultural sector to optimize yields and improve the quality of the final products while saving resources, leading towards a sustainable food future. We provide a complete remote monitoring and decision-making solution, leveraging the power of Wireless Sensor Networks and big data analysis. Sensoraide

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Gastronomiks is a social food market that wishes to reconnect consumers with their local producers, directly or through local retailers, and to encourage local trade. It gives restaurants and consumers access to cheaper, fresh, seasonal, accountable food. It also reduces food miles, increases food knowledge and farm diversity

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Culturplay makes digital games and applications that promote cultural heritage and playful learning. The company’s two founders and their multidisciplinary team are currently developing:  A PC strategy game about philosophy and politics in 5th century BC Athens, which offers the double challenge of learning history in a simulated historical setting and, at the same time, changing the course

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Clio Muse

Sometimes in museums, we see some very impressing exhibits, but their labels are usually filled with unknown names, words, dates or facts. So we cannot understand what we are seeing and we eventually get tired. But what if there was an app that could change that?! Clio Muse is a

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The Geographical

Re-discovering the places where food comes from. At Geographical a collaborative brand is built for local foods and cooking accessories. The team wants to use existing web technologies, like crowd funding, to enable users to discover small-batch products from different localities and participate in the preservation of local traditions

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