Sway acts like a local and live feed for your location by showing posts from other users around. It allows anyone to connect, interact, express and share information with people nearby without having to know them.
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mermix is an innovative and disruptive service that will connect farmers and professional machinery contractors through a participatory online application in order to improve the efficiency of using machinery. mermix will allow farmers to access new “state of the art” machinery, as well as share and exploit their machinery, and professional

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Ideas in Action (IIA) is a company that specializes in developing digital assets to help people meet with new friends, and –why not- potential dates. IIA started operating in September 2014 and developed its first asset, which is an Android and IOS anonymous chat application. The application is currently available in

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Doobbear is a communication/social media application. Through its platform users can record 18-second long audio messages called “doobs” and share them publicly or send them via a private message. In one sentence, it is an audio social network with 18-second audio posts and messages. Users record their voice instead of typing

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The majority of young people face an important problem when they want to go out with their friends because each member of the group has different preferences. This debate is often difficult and lengthy. CUaround solves this problem efficiently combining group’s preferences and suggesting the most suitable place for it. Users

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myTQ is poised to become the standard trust authority for the sharing economy.By combining aggregated public reputation data from marketplaces (for example Airbnb and Housetrip or Elance and oDesk), such as reviews and ratings, users’ behavior and personality traits, myTQ offers a universal trust profile for each user.With myTQ, not only do

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Actclick is a unique web platform, a one-stop-solution that targets all consumers, addressing their struggle to choose the best fit for a product or a service; it simply utilizes consumers’ own interests and their peers’ recommendations into actual use of products and services. Actclick aims to increase the confidence levels of

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