Charisma Gifts

Charisma, your online gift boutique with a personal touch! We go to great lengths to carefully select original, unusual and exquisite handcrafted products from Greece’s most innovative artisans, so that you can send your loved ones a true gift from the heart while supporting small businesses. The English term “charisma” is derived from the Greek “χάρισμα” (khárisma), which means “favor freely given” or “gift of grace”. With this in mind, we have lovingly created a store that is a garden of delights, offering gift packs containing handmade delicacies, accessories, décor items and pamper products that will enchant, charm and surprise. These packages can be personalized for any occasion, from name days and birthdays to Valentine’s Day and baby showers. With free delivery within Athens, and quick delivery throughout Greece, Charisma offers a one-stop, locally sourced, beautifully packaged and uniquely Greek gifting service that says to a family member, friend or business colleague: “I think you’re special.”