clio muse

Sometimes in museums, we see some very impressing exhibits, but their labels are usually filled with unknown names, words, dates or facts. So we cannot understand what we are seeing and we eventually get tired. But what if there was an app that could change that?!

Clio Muse is a tour guide app. It shares unique, interesting, true stories. The stories are timed, so you can be in control of your visit. You can vote for or share your favorite exhibits before the visit or afterwards, for free. Furthermore, the exhibitors can manage their online content themselves. They can organize extra activities and re-invite their visitors based on the interaction about the exhibits through the app.

Clio Muse has won the Creative Business Cup in the Framework of Industry Disruptors Competitions and the 4th prize in the Ennovation Contest organized by the Athens University of Economy and Business. Also they are amongst the 30 Greek startups that were chosen to participate in the TiE Bootcamp. They have been featured in many articles on websites such as the New York Times,,, the January’s issue of Passenger, bankwars,,, and many more. Their app is being used by the Museum of the City of Athens, Vourou – Eytaxia, and is currently launched at a museum in Boston.

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