Culturplay makes digital games and applications that promote cultural heritage and playful learning. The company’s two founders and their multidisciplinary team are currently developing:

  •  A PC strategy game about philosophy and politics in 5th century BC Athens, which offers the double challenge of learning history in a simulated historical setting and, at the same time, changing the course of history. A political thriller charged with philosophical dilemmas, both a fun ride and learning tool, this game will appeal to all kinds of culture enthusiasts, to students of history and philosophy, and to players of both serious and entertainment games. The game is being constructed so as to function as the basis for the gamification of other historical periods.
  •   A mobile virtual guide for the Acropolis monuments, with audio narrative, geolocation and augmented reality features. This guide will be based on the Virtual Tour of the Acropolis (, developed by Culturplay in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Culture. For the development of this guide, which requires the commercial reuse of public sector data, Culturplay pursues a novel public-private partnership model. The company aims to make similar guides for other archaeological monuments.

With its products, Culturplay hopes to leave its own mark on cultural creativity, combining education and recreation in original ways and providing a ground for its customers to discover the value of cultural heritage using their favorite medium.

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