Once you have been selected, Orange Grove will offer you a wide selection of training opportunities including a BOOTCAMP, seminars and workshops, which will help you turn your idea into a viable enterprise.

  • You can attend lectures on subjects such as: flexible working, branding, market research, personal accounting, procedures¬†& legislation, intellectual rights, business ethics / integrity and also receive help in drawing up or improving your business plan.
  • You can work on your personal skills, for example: How do you present yourself and your idea? How does your character influence the realisation of your idea?
  • You can learn how to attract venture capital and what the possibilities are for public (national or European) funds.
  • The educational program is offered by Orange Grove in cooperation with some renowned universities in this field: the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship), the University of Delft (YES!Delft), the University of Wageningen (Startlife) and the Athens University for Economics and Business.

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