Agriculture is an industry defined by big eras of change, but a lack of significant innovation in agriculture monitoring has left the field relatively stagnant until now. The emerging concept of big data is about to change centuries-old farming methods to help farmers compete. The number one application for Drone technology over the next few years will be Agriculture. More specifically: aerial mapping, NDVI vegetation analysis and multi spectral imaging. By combining data recorded from aerial mapping and ground based wireless sensors, eyeFarm will be able to create a platform with localized, customized and specified data about the crop and the microclimate in real time and scheduled index. In agriculture, even small-scale site differences can lead to great differences in yield and quality. Today, it is technically possible to take such small-scale differences into consideration. This is called precision agriculture. With the help of this tool farmers can save resources, will have a more efficient production and will transform their crop production into an integrative management system. Traditional agricultural systems are lacking the use of innovation techniques for monitoring. In most of the cases agricultural techniques are based on human experience gathered throughout the years. The use of innovative techniques will help the decision making process and will increase income based on data and accurate measurements rather than only experience. The analysis of a complex web of information at all levels of the agricultural life-cycle can help farmers make smarter socio-environmental and market-conscious decisions. eyeFarm aims to provide a comprehensive solution for the collection, processing and analysis of data and consulting services in order to optimize production.

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