Family Goes Out is a website/tool for parents that like to go out or spend holidays with their children in Greece. Family Goes Out is the first family label for all the touristic service providers such as hotels, holiday rentals, restaurants, activities and sightseeing spots that respect criteria such as equipment for kids, level of caring for families, adequate infrastructures etc. You will find the “Family Goes Out” label in front of “family friendly” places. Approved touristic service providers are presented on the platform with a list of equipment, facilities and services they provide for families. In addition, based on geo-location, the “Family Goes Out” website provides information tailored for different kids, depending on their age, about activities located in the area such as family friendly restaurants, activities, sport yards and also hints and tips such as the nearest doctor, taxi phone numbers etc. Thanks to Family Goes Out, families can easily find nice places to go to with their children.

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