Filisia works in the field of patient engagement. We develop sensor-based, musical interfaces (harware and software) that motivate users’ rehabilitation, and enable their creative expression. The interfaces are accessible to people with disabilities in their upper extremities, facing mental and cognitive development challenges. Filisia interfaces are highly customizable to the needs of our users and support a wide range of interactions (improvise, memorise, arrange, orchestrate, turn-taking exercises etc).They provide exercise motivation and contribute to their users’ sensory integration and improvement of their motoric skills. For the past year, we have been collaborating with researchers, developers, therapists and parents to develop four generations of working prototypes. They are based on standardized ergonomic principles, they have customizable interaction models, and use high quality sound and orchestration. We are currently developing our 5th generation of prototypes and will enter the beta testing phase in autumn of 2014. We are also seeking seed funding.