JoinCargo, the most innovative shipping platform in Greece, manages to instantly connect companies who need to ship freight, with carriers who need freight to fill up their trucks. Its focus is based on maximizing the efficiency for both parties, resulting in the highest percentage of productivity possible.

Just recently, JoinCargo managed to raise funding of 400.000 euros from three investors, two through Orange Grove and one through Venture Fair, giving it the opportunity to focus even more on improving its services. JoinCargo’s philosophy is based on the power of the constant improvement both through keeping up with the industry’s changes but also through following the needed tech innovations. JoinCargo is a company that understands that the competitive advantages lie in the ability of the company to adapt and to expand its horizons through constant learning.

New ideas lead to new features and each problem leads to a new more efficient process. With a team that is rapidly growing, JoinCargo is looking for young-in-heart, energetic people who want to be part of a fresh, yet promising team. Focusing more on sales for the moment, JoinCargo is searching to recruit sales people that seek to grow their skills and are ready to challenge themselves while evolving in a fast-paced, yet fun to be in, environment.

If you are a sales person interested to become part of JoinCargo, please send your email at: