Glossopolis is an e-learning platform, providing Greek language courses for foreigners who want to visit Greece and communicate with the locals. It brings a new kind of tourism to the market; Linguistic Tourism. The student signs in to the platform and has access to the educational content. He also has access to advertisements of local businesses, which Glossopolis cooperates with, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, taxis etc. When he visits these places and speaks Greek he can have a 15-30% discount for the relevant services. In this way, not only does the student learn, but he also saves money during his stay while local businesses get advertised abroad and have a bigger client base.

Athina Pitta’s startup was one of the three finalists in the Tourism Category of the “Make Innovation Work” competition organized by the Hellenic-American Chamber and the Stock Exchange Market. Glossopolis has won the “Best Video Award” of the Institute of Life Long Learning National Competition and has gained the attention of international media such as:, Athens Hilton Magazine, BBC news, Huffington Post. Athina Pitta was a speaker at the ‘’Chain Reactions’’ TEDx event organized by the National Technical University of Athens on 17th January 2014 and has also participated in the Al Jazeera’s award winning talk show ‘The Stream’’ that airs in over 280 million homes around the world.

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