lia extra premium olive oil

LIÁ is premium olive oil in a white bottle designed to protect the olive oil from the light and preserve its high quality. Our tree belongs to Koronèiki variety and our region, Messenia, has the highest level Extra Virgin Olive Oil production. It’s history reveals its connection with the olive oil production as well as trade dating back to the Mycenaean era. Our groove’s optimum environmental conditions and our respect to the norms of good traditional agriculture give LIÁ excellent quality. Furthermore, it has a perfect balance between fruity, bitter and pungent taste and an exceptionally low level of acidity. The concept of LIÁ is to offer you our nature’s bliss! LIÁ wishes to offer you a healthy food experience and we are convinced that our premium quality together with the well-designed bottle is the best combination that deserves to be on your table , that deserve to become part of your daily natural routine.

Lia’s packaging has been characterized as one of the best packages of 2013 by It has been featured in many design blogs and sites such as,, Also, Lia has been featured in the dutch magazine “Lychnari” and in “K” magazine (the magazine of Kathimerini Newspaper), in and many more. Most recently they have been awarded  at the Great Taste Awards 2014. Lia Premium Olive Oil is being sold in many stores around the world.

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