liateR is an interactive sales solution for brands and retailers in the apparel and accessories market. liateR’s approach is based on advanced voice recognition, gesture detection, and augmented reality technologies to create an environment where consumers can digitally try on and buy clothing in a variety of contexts and locations. From the comfort of their living room to the front of the shopping window at their favorite store, consumers can experience a unique shopping experience.  liateR combines data that is automatically acquired from each user, including age, gender and mood, with data from the interaction of the user inside the virtual fitting room in order to deliver customer-centric content.

Content is delivered in two ways:

  • By recommending specific sets of products
  • Through tailor-made offers.

“We believe that the future of shopping is a combination of digital and physical experiences. Our mission is to make it happen using really cool technologies”.

The S.F. based Brand “Garage” is promoting liateR to its customers and had already invited them to a dedicated event for retail (Hackathon by Sears) in Atlanta.  Also, another N.Y. based company, Evol8tion, is also promoting liateR to its customers and has an active demo of their newest application in their premises. Also, they recently got the support of the IPF media lab in N.Y. who also expressed their intention to promote liateR to their customers.  Furthermore, they were invited to install liateR in their South Western lab they are building in Istanbul. Athens Fashion Club is a fashion school in Athens and an active partner of liateR. They have already organized a dedicated event in order to promote a solution to their network and they recently added liateR as an educational tool that they will use in their new classes. As far as awards are concerned they have been selected as one of the top 25 startups in Greece from the MITEF Greece, they have been invited to pitch in “Startup Turkey”, in the YE!pitching event, in “Open CoffeePatras, they have attended TEI 2015 in S.F, had a demo at TEDxAcademy, TEDxLarissa , “200 Seconds of Fame” (Bucharest – Romania) and SVC wireless 2014 (S.F. – U.S.A. winner of the People’s choice award and also the Largest financial impact award). liateR was part of the accelerator program by Metavallon that was organized from June 2014 to November 2014.