Orange Grove offers various networking events. You will have the chance to meet and network with people from all kinds of fields, who could be important for you when setting up your start-up. Every Thursday night guest speakers are invited to host a workshop on any issue that could be of interest to you. You are free to suggest any subjects that you might find helpful or interesting!

Orange Grove has a huge network of experienced people in the Netherlands and Greece who visit the workspace in order to meet with you and exchange ideas and views with you. These people are all experts in their fields and they come from a wide range of multinational backgrounds, companies, universities, authorities or they are entrepreneurs themselves.

You can sit down and discuss with someone who has already gone through all the steps you will be going through and who can tell you all about their experiences, successes and lessons learned.

For examples of some of our past events and announcements on upcoming events, keep an eye on our Facebook page:

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