Orange Grove offers two “Orange Grove Scholarships” for the MSc in Entrepreneurship at ALBA Graduate Business School

Orange Grove is pleased to announce two partial scholarships for the MSc in Entrepreneurship offered by ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece. Each scholarship covers 50% of the degree’s tuition fees and has a value of €6,250.

Loyal to its mission to support entrepreneurship in Greece, Orange Grove is offering these scholarships to its community. Up to now, Orange Grove has helped 88 businesses to develop ideas and grow in the past 1.5 years. It is great to partner up with ALBA Graduate Business School and offer the opportunity to entrepreneurial individuals pursue a formal degree in this upcoming field.

The MSc in Entrepreneurship offered by ALBA Graduate Business School is built around the motto: Live It. Craft It. Master It. Create It. This postgraduate degree is a blend of lean startup methods and rigorous managerial knowledge. It gets students out of the building to experience entrepreneurship and allows them to create their own entrepreneurial paradigm. It is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs, startupers, family business next generation members and those who want to work for one of the growing Greek or international startups.

Two members of Orange Grove’s community will have the opportunity to study at ALBA Graduate Business School with an “Orange Grove Scholarship” in the academic year 2015/16 that starts in September. Those interested can find out more about the degree and academic criteria here:

Applicants will need to submit the application form required for the degree and mention that they are interested in receiving the “Orange Grove Scholarship”. Once applicants pass ALBA’s academic evaluation and are admitted to the degree, the scholarship committee will select the “Orange Grove Scholarship” recipients.

The deadline for applying is the 30th of June!