Apply for a spot in orange grove

If you would like to apply for a working space and membership in Orange Grove and you feel that you meet the selection criteria listed below, please click the “Apply” tab in the menu bar and complete the form or send us an email request to and we will send you the Application Form and Business Model Canvas.


who can apply?

  • You have an innovative, exciting, feasible and ethical business plan or idea (with a maximum of 5 persons for each business plan).
  • You are a legal resident of the European Union.
  • You have an idea for a business that you can turn into a company in a short time, or you have recently (founded in 2011 or later) started a business.
  • Preference will be given to applicants that have close ties to the Netherlands (studied there, worked there or do business with The Netherlands) and/or an interest in the synergies between the Greek and the Dutch business environment.
  • All applications will be handled with care and will only be shared with the selection board.


what should i do after i fill in the application?

Once completed you can send the form to, along with the additional required documents mentioned in the form. Your application will be examined by an independent selection board whose members are appointed by companies that support Orange Grove, as well as the Netherlands Ambassador and the Director of  Orange Grove. If your application meets the criteria and your plan is selected, you will be invited for an interview in order to present your business/idea to the members of the selection board. The selection committee will then decide whether your startup (either already existing or still to be set up, either a business or just an idea) will be admitted to Orange Grove.

If your application is not selected you will receive an email explaining the reasons.


what happens after my application is accepted?

First, during a special welcome day for all the admitted startups, you will sign an agreement with Orange Grove, in which you will agree to stay in Orange Grove for a minimum period of 6 months and to pay a donation of 100 euros per month as a contribution to Orange Grove and the activities that are organized. You will also agree to adhere to the terms of use and to the house rules of Orange Grove. The agreements are sent beforehand by e-mail to you for your review.

After the signing you will meet with the other startups and our mentors and coaches in order to find a mentor and/or coach that will support you during your participation in the Orange Grove program. Most often the bootcamp is scheduled to start just before or after the special welcome day.