the squeeze

With the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, two Orange Grove startups are awarded, each quarter, a total of 25.000€ in pre-seed funding in a thrilling pitching competition called “The Squeeze”.

An acclaimed jury made up of successful businessmen, investors and entrepreneurs “squeeze” 8 of the most promising Orange Grove startups, in a live show, as they shoot their ideas through the roof and battle to the bitter end to win the ultimate start an entrepreneur could only dream of; 15.000€ and 10.000€ in prize money!

The competition offers exposure to a broad audience, as well as valuable feedback from an international judges’ panel, whose extensive knowledge and network can prove extremely helpful to the startups.

The Squeeze gives a substantial impetus to youth entrepreneurship by offering startups access to capital and, in the meantime, the opportunity to grow their business to the next level.

Business incubation

Orange Grove members have access to low cost flexible office space that can easily be transformed into any required setting. Office amenities, such as fast and reliable internet access, printing services and meeting room access, but also kitchen use and coffee, tea, refreshments and Heineken beers are free of charge and included in the monthly contribution. One of the many reasons why Orange Grove has such a warm and welcoming feeling starts from the actual space. Orange Grove is built around the principles of flexibility, connectivity and mobility and as a result, the tables, sofas, dividers, lockers and even the meeting rooms move on wheels. For this reason the space layout can be easily adjusted, not only to accommodate the many visitors and weekly events, but also to stimulate creativity and collaboration. Orange Grove offers 7 days per week secured access from 9am until mid-night on weekdays and from 9am until 8pm on the weekends.

Educational program

Once you have been selected, Orange Grove will offer you a wide selection of training opportunities including bootcamps and weekly seminars and workshops, which will help you turn your idea into a viable enterprise.

  • You can attend seminars on subjects such as marketing & branding, market research, entrepreneurship, finance & fundraising, legal issues, personal skills & pitch training, business ethics, e-commerce & sales, media training and receive help in drawing up or improving your business plan.
  • You can work on your personal skills and presentation techniques: for example how do you present yourself and your idea or how does your character influence the realization of your idea?
  • You can learn how to find funding for your startup and what the possibilities are to raise national or European funds.
  • The bootcamps are offered by Orange Grove in cooperation with renowned universities in the Entrepreneurship field: the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship), the Delft University of Technology (YES!Delft incubator for technological innovation), the “healthy food and living environment” University of Wageningen (Startlife entrepreneurship center) and the Athens University for Economics and Business.

mentoring program

Each startup is matched with a mentor and coach that offer guidance throughout the startup’s membership at Orange Grove. The mentors and coaches are dedicated to sharing their networks as well as their valuable experience and expertise and usually operate in the same field or industry as the startup.

The mentor and coach meet on average about half a day per month, but depending on the availability and need for support, this can vary and agreed upon as it suits each party.

Whereas mentors provide the startup with specific business and strategy advice, the coach on the other hand covers the development of soft skills including pitching, team dynamics and business ethics, also essential for the success of the startups and the development of its members.

The Orange Grove mentors and coaches are volunteers who are passionate about sharing their expertise and it is notable that most of them get so excited about the startups they mentor or coach that they turn into their strongest evangelist and supporter.

For examples of some of our past events and announcements on upcoming events, keep an eye on our Facebook page.

networking events

Orange Grove organizes various networking opportunities. The large international network of the Embassy of the Netherlands and Orange Grove offer the startups the chance to meet with diverse groups of people, from startup founders, international investors and business professionals, to students, multinationals’ management, European and national policy makers and the Dutch Royal Family.

With the core belief that networking assists the startups to gain interesting insights and connections and simultaneously acknowledging the importance of strengthening the Greek startup ecosystem, Orange Grove co-organizes and hosts often events with stakeholders from the startup ecosystem. Orange Grove has welcomed events organized from Rockstart answers, women’s network Hub Dot, Founders’ Institute and Startup Bootcamp among others.

legal and accounting services

Orange Grove offers the possibility to ask for legal or accounting advice at a set time and day. If you need more extensive support in these areas, Orange Grove offers a list of cooperating lawyers and accountants, who provide their services at special rates.