Prosvasis provides multifaceted support for disabled people and for people in medical recovery who are less mobile. Using a Geographic Information System, we aim to provide information on the accessibility of locations for disabled people. We do this by showing destinations on a map that are accessible to people who are disabled. People with disabilities are not only confronted with accessibility issues in terms of infrastructure, but also by a lack of knowledge about places that are in fact accessible to them. Prosvasis provides accessibility information to disabled people easily, quickly and simply in a number of categories, including:

  1. Hotels
  2. Restaurants / Cafes
  3. Cinemas / Theaters/ Museums
  4. Accessible venues
  5. Specially designed camping
  6. Parking
  7. Pedestrian streets
  8. Points of access to the sea through the system SEATRAC

Prosvasis has been featured in and Also the Prosvasis team appeared in the Skai TV in the show “Tora” and in the radio station Athina 9,84.

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