Spyridoula asonitou


The company’s primary activity is to offer agricultural products from small & middle sized, hard-to-find producers from all around Greece, which are equal to the quality of home-made goods and satisfy the current demand & tendency of the biological, delicatessen, restaurants & hotels of the Dutch market. In that way, in case of quantity deficiency by one producer, the clients’ demand will be satisfied by offering goods of the same quality, but by another producer.
In order to ensure the high quality standards that our products reflect, we aim to develop an independent quality control procedure via a trustworthy independent quality certification unit. Our secondary activity is to produce small scale events for promoting our products in specific points-of-sales & large scale events, focusing on the “real” Greece & not only on its conventional products & services, thus highlighting the quality of the alternative Greek products and services & the similarities & the links with the Dutch market; all in all, re-brand Greece in the Netherlands.