My company and I are honored to be associated with Orange Grove, the initiative of the Dutch Embassy in Greece for young entrepreneurs. Orange Grove is a first-class concept engaged in many endeavors that may provide sustainable returns to all those that are associated with it.

In my opinion it is the intensive commitment of the project initiators and working team involved who stand as a guaranty for the projects’ success. To illustrate this, I will recall an incident when on a Friday afternoon in Athens, the Dutch Ambassador, Mr. Jan Versteeg, had asked us, the working team of the project, to brainstorm about possible sponsors for Orange Grove. We thought about some Dutch institutions and companies. The week after Mr. Versteeg gathered us at the embassy and informed us that he had visited them all in person and had their commitment for contribution!

Among the advantages that the involved participants may count on are: Speed-up time-to-market, Connection to fund providers, Free/low-price high-end consulting, Seminars and speeches from very experienced professionals.

Good luck, Orange Grove!