The Family hub


The Family Hub is a physical and virtual space, where every member of the Greek family (parents, babies, toddlers, school age children, teens, grandparents and senior citizens) can find the tools, support and opportunities that will allow them to develop their creativity and reach their full potential in their creative and professional lives. Parents will find a fully equipped co-working space, supported by (day and night) crèche facilities for babies/toddlers and after-school activities for older children. Teens will find professional orientation, mentoring and creative development programs (both virtual and offline), tailored to their needs and aspirations. Senior citizens will find opportunities to get active by sharing their experience and knowledge through mentoring programs and sharpening their social, cognitive and creative lives through reverse mentoring around technology and custom activities that promote their intellectual health and community integration. All members will enjoy access to mini-libraries, book club activities, yoga classes, professional and personal development workshops and webinars, and possibly other support services such as basic family catering/laundry/personal assistant services etc. The Family Hub will incorporate existing structures and networks i.e. the Women on Top mentoring network, the Mentorkids network and the Bookworm online book club.