The Squeeze#3

Orange Grove held the 3rd Pitching Show “The Squeeze” on Thursday the 11th of June, 2015.

The jury, which decided which two teams received the monetary prizes this time, was made up by Peter Economides (brand strategist Apple’s “Think Different” campaign), Marco ten Vaanholt (co-founder of  BootupVentures startup ecosystem and the exclusive Cuckoo’s Nest social club in Menlo Park), Floris van Alkemade (co-founded 3 VC funds with 320M €, 60+ seed and early stage startup investments), Apostolos Apostolakis (successful serial entrepreneur involved in startups such as,,, and Greg Birbil (former chairman and CEO of McCann-Erickson advertising agency in South Africa, Mexico and Greece, also creative director in Chicago, London, Tokyo and Madrid).

The 2 winners were TomoTECH who won the 1st prize of 15.000€ and GirApp who won the 2nd prize of 10.000€!