Think markethink


‘Think Markethink’ is going to be a full service marketing support centre for early stage start-ups that need to implement marketing in their effort to build and grow their business. The marketing support centre is going to be based on two key pillars: A marketing accelerator program and an on line support centre. The marketing accelerator program is going to focus on helping early stage start-ups to better understand and quickly start experimenting with marketing.  Specifically, the program is going to offer a 4 stages support:

  • Stage 1 – Understanding. Training on key marketing topics relevant to start ups and provided by field experts (4 weeks)
  • Stage 2 – Planning. One to one consulting and guidance resulting in the co-creation of an actionable ‘marketing plan’, not necessarily in a traditional format but more like a specific action plan to start with (4 weeks)
  • Stage 3 – Implementing. Close coaching from field experts on how to start executing the agreed marketing plan (4 weeks)
  • Stage 4 – Following up. Advisory services related to general marketing issues (4-6 months)

The online support centre is going to focus mainly on creating helpful and inspiring marketing content as well as cultivating useful networking. Specifically it is going to provide:  marketing articles, videos, presentations, tips, interviews, case studies, guides etc   and  networking among start-ups (on line forum and/or in an application format) & network building with a wide range of experts who offer marketing related services (eg web developers, digital marketing experts, PR experts, research experts combined with reviews and comments about them  etc)


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