Timimas is a price comparison web platform, which innovates the supermarket shopping experience.
The problem: Even though supermarket shopping is the biggest family expense annually, household keepers can do little to minimize the costs. Consumers are lost between various claims of retailers and brands claiming to offer the best value for money.
The solution: By comparing not only across brands, but also across different stores (combined with all the promotions), timimas enables shoppers to find the best priced items, order them and have them delivered any time, any place.
Benefit for brands: Whisper in the consumer ears when it matters the most (moment of purchase). Leveraging the breakthrough marketing tools on the timimas platform, brands can increase turnover, grow shares and drive their consumer’s basket.
The vision: Timimas targets to go multiscreen in the next 12 months (mobile/tablet) in an attempt to overcome the e-commerce barriers related to high costs and low retailer profitability. Crowdsourcing, service cost minimization and effective online to offline conversion are the key pillars of the application to be announced soon.

Timimas has been featured several times in the media. For instance: on,, marketing week online,,,,, and many more.