TomoTECH offers a dynamic and innovative cloud-based software service for the processing of 3 different MRI exams: DTI, fMRI & Perfusion. The main innovative feature of TomoTECH regards the processing of brain diffusion MRI (DTI) and more specifically the fiber tracking algorithm implemented which achieves extremely high accuracy rates (over 90%) in the final 3-D image, in contrast to the rest deterministic tracking algorithms of the existing software, whose accuracy rates do not exceed 55-60%. Our idea is to incorporate our algorithm concerning the DTI exam along with all the other routines in the field of the fMRI and Perfusion exams in an innovative cloud-based and user-friendly software platform in order to offer doctors the chance of a more timely and accurate diagnosis of severe chronic diseases such as: brain tumor, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

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